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Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds



Sự trải nghiệm âm nhạc và đàm thoại tuyệt vời hơn bao giờ hết.

Elite 65t với thiết kê nổi bật mang đến sự trải nghiệm âm thanh trung thực, rõ ràng trong khi đàm thoại và nghe nhạc với kết nối không dây cực kỳ mới.

Với hơn 5 giờ sạc chính và 10 giờ sạc bổ sung, cùng tiêu chuẩn IP55 chống nước, mồ hôi và bụi.


 Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless Earbuds

Conversations as great as music.
Elite 65t is engineered for a superior true wireless calls and music experience, offering incredible clarity of sound for conversations, and 5 hours battery in earbuds and additional 10 in the charging case. IP55 rated against water, sweat and dust.

Đặc điểm nổi bật của sản phẩm

1. 4-microphone technology
Call and voice quality
Hear and be heard. Four-microphone technology gives you effective wind noise reduction on calls.

2. Equalizer
Music, how you want it
Customize the sound on your earbuds with a customizable equalizer in the Jabra Sound+ app.

3. True wireless stability
Proven connectivity
Elite 65t is a third generation true wireless product. Experience Jabra true wireless stability.

4. Battery
Power to last the day
Up to 5 hours of battery in the earbuds and an additional 10 hours with included charging case.

5. Durability
Built to work, guaranteed
IP55 rated against water, sweat and dust.

Tổng quan thiết kế Jabra Elite 65t

1. Call and voice quality.

Superior sound with unique 4-microphone technology

2. Proven connectivity.

True wireless stability to reduce call and music dropouts

3. Voice command made simple.

One-touch access to Amazon Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant (operating system dependent)

4. Power to last the day.

Up to 5 hours battery, 15 hours with charging case

5. Built to work, guaranteed.

IP55 rated against water, sweat and dust.

6. Music, the way you want to hear it.

Personalize your music with a customizable equalizer

Voice Command

Use voice command to connect to Alexa*, Siri, or Google Assistant, allowing you to quickly get the information you need.

*Operating System dependent



 Jabra Sound+ app

The perfect companion to your Jabra headphones
Personalize the way you use your Jabra device. Choose your voice assistant, customize your music profile, modify how much nearby noise you want to hear, keep track of your charge, and much more. The app is constantly evolving to deliver new features to further enhance your headphones.



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