Loa JBL BT 3


Bảo hành: BL BT 3

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With the Looks of a smart hi-fi loudspeakers, the Q Media BT3 needs no amplification because within the cabinet is a 2x 50 watts per channel power amplifier. An integrated DAC and Optical cable allows you to add your digital devices with ease and the 3.5mm jack & phono input means you can add any of your other devices with a audio output. Being able to separate the two speakers creates a wide stereo image and, of course, being mobile and movable you are able to place them anywhere in the room.. Bring your Smartphone into the mix and then you can wirelessly stream Bluetooth signals to the Q Media BT3 which transforms it into a super quality modern 'mini system'. In addition, the speakers accommodate input sensing connections. Simply plug in and it will always be there when needed.

In addition to the small, elegant infrared remote, which is included with the Q Media BT3, it can also be operated by the remote controls which come with many satellite and cable TV boxes, (including 'Sky' and 'Virgin' models). The unit will also 'auto switch' between inputs when it detects a new signal. For example, if you are enjoying TV sound, but then decide to start streaming music from your Smartphone or tablet, the Q Media BT3 will detect this new signal from its Bluetooth input.

What sets the Q Media BT3 apart from sound bars and sound docks is its high quality stereo sound. For movie lovers who feel the need to 'feel the Earth move' theres a separate output for your device of choice from CD, DVD, blue ray player or any other source. The Q Media BT3 system accommodates all of your needs


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